Birth Doula Training

Birth Beautifully is a training organization that offers certification as a birth doula, childbirth educator, or placenta encapsulation specialist. With us, you will learn how to support clients as they navigate pregnancy by offering informational and emotional support each month leading up to their birth. Once in labor, you will be able to fully support your client with all of the physical support techniques taught in your training.

Childbirth Education Training

As a childbirth educator, you will feel confident teaching a classroom full of students who wish to learn more about the birth process, interventions and medications, and positions that will be helpful to lessen any labor discomfort. Our training includes a full childbirth education presentation for you to use during your classes. Client handouts and classroom activities are also included. No need to spend countless hours trying to come up with class material yourself!

Placenta Encapsulation Specialist Training

If you desire to include placenta encapsulation as one of your services you offer in your birth business, then our placenta encapsulation training course is perfect for you! We will give you the knowledge and skills to safely and properly process placentas, while also teaching you the history behind this magical organ.

Doula Mentoring & Resources

If you are a newer doula, or have been having trouble finding and booking clients, check out our doula mentorship program. In this program, we give you the tools you need to successfully grow your business. From how to build a website, to what to do at a postpartum visit, we include it all! If you are in need of a contract or handouts for your business, you can find these and more in our online store!

Placenta Encapsulation & Online Childbirth Education

And if you are an expecting parent looking for services, we offer that too! We offer placenta encapsulation in all of CNY and the surrounding areas. We have encapsulated well over 500 placentas! If you are seeking out online childbirth education classes, we have that too! We offer a wide-range of prenatal and postpartum classes all offered online for your convenience.