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             HI, I’M CHRIS HERRERA

Christine Herrera

Besides Birth Beautifully, I am also the CEO of the CNY Doula ConnectionTo say that my life is busy would be an understatement. I’ve been in this business for over 16 years and I just don’t stop! I am on this earth to help families through their birth journey & to make sustainable careers for doulas.

                                 HEY THERE, I’M SHERRI MORRIS        

Doula Mentor

Sherri Morris Doula Mentor

Being a part of the Birth Beautifully team is something I truly enjoy. I find it absolutely rewarding taking a new doula or one who needs just a bit of guidance and leading them on the path where they feel inspired and empowered.


Placenta Specialist Trainer

Online Placenta Training

My executive chef and culinary teacher background has made it easy for me to fall into teaching placenta specialists. Plus traveling to new locations and getting to know each new city is something I really enjoy.


Beyond teaching new students, I am also a postpartum chef and infant CPR instructor for my local community. 


Doula Trainer

Elizabeth Pratt Doula Trainer

To be able to teach  all about the support a doula offers is incredible. Being part of the Birth Beautifully team is about more than just teaching. It’s a supportive and welcoming community where we encourage each other to do our best, reach our goals together, and achieve greatness. 

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