Are you brand-new and just starting to learn the doula business? Or are you a seasoned professional encountering a dreaded client drought? Either way, your confidence may falter every now and again. 

Don’t sweat it when this happens. While your certainty may ebb and flow, your energy and determination in the field can remain. All you need to do is take some steps to reignite your passion and ramp up your skills. Here are the steps we recommend if you’re feeling lost or aimless.  

1. Read more birth-related books

Oh no! Other providers are rapidly entering the field. Are you feeling nervous and questioning your skills? Are you as good as they are? Are you qualified to serve birthing parents and families?

This simple answer is yes, but it can be hard to shake the feeling that you’re unprepared or underqualified. An easy fix for this is additional reading. Purchase a few updated birth-related books that have the latest information. This type of learning requires personal initiative, yet it boosts both your knowledge and confidence tremendously. When you know more, you feel more capable and fit to serve those you work with. 

2. Renew your training 

Renewing your birth doula training, taking a webinar, or signing up for a mini class are great ways to develop yourself as a doula. If you don’t learn as well from reading, consider other routes for personal, professional, and business growth. Not only can these courses help you to reinvent and reignite your doula business, but they’ll demonstrate to your potential clients that you’re serious about remaining up to date on practices that’ll benefit them during birth. 

Learn more here about becoming a birth doula, getting certified, and renewing your training. 

3. Engage with other doulas 

Don’t let your fear of competition keep you from using your network. Other people in this field can offer a wealth of information and experience. If you’re feeling uncertain about certain situations or topics, reach out! Here are some of the best ways to form a network. 

  • Start a doula group online
  • Create a regular meeting spot (like a local coffee shop!) to chat about experiences
  • Join a doula mentoring program 

4. Believe in yourself

Doulas may doubt their own abilities due to a few factors. 

  • You’re not able to attend the number of births desired
  • You attend a birth, and it didn’t go as planned
  • You had an unhappy client 

While this can feel frustrating, it’s all part of being in the business. Birth is dynamic, and it’s constantly changing. You’re likely to have challenging experiences that don’t end the way you (or the client) anticipated. At the core of the process, you must believe in yourself and your ability to create a positive experience. Otherwise, you can’t possibly be successful. 

When you’re beginning to doubt yourself, remember that hands-on life experiences — even tough ones — are incredibly valuable. They formed a foundation to help you react to similar situations in the future. 

Final Thoughts 

Gain confidence and grow your doula business! Whether you want to expand your knowledge or renew your birth doula training, these steps can help you gain confidence and serve your clients more effectively. 

Visit Birth Beautifully to join an established community of birth professionals and learn more about professional development options. 

Christine Herrera

Christine Herrera

Christine Herrera helps people become amazing birth professionals.