We often hear from people interested in becoming doulas but they are hesitant for various reasons. One common question they have is, “Can I be a doula if I don’t have any children? If I haven’t been through pregnancy and birth, can I really know how to support pregnant people during labor?” 

The short answer is: YES! 

Birth Beautifully’s Birth Doula Training is comprehensive and sets you up right from the start to provide excellent support for your clients during pregnancy and labor. Our in-person trainings combine information and activities to help you learn and practice skills used to support clients. Our online, self-paced training provides the same information and resources, all which give you the best foundation on which to start your doula business. 

Whether or not you’ve been through pregnancy, labor, and birth, our training breaks down all the information you need to become a professional doula. The training modules include: 

  • The role of the doula
    • history and scope
  • Birth knowledge 
    • physical and emotional changes, common discomforts, stages of labor, protocols, immediate postpartum, breastfeeding basics
  • Support 
    • emotional, practical, informational, and how to support partners
  • Information on medical procedures
    • pain management, inductions, and interventions
  • Challenging childbirth situations
    • universal precautions, Cesareans, VBACs, emergencies, difficult births 
  • Business basics
    • Marketing, internal processes, consultations, prenatal meetings, backup support
  • And more!

Also included in our birth doula training program is a 30-minute coaching call with one of our seasoned doulas, and a tips and tricks newsletter just for Birth Beautifully certified Birth Doulas.

Some of the most important qualities for a doula to have are the abilities to listen, to comfort, to encourage. If you are empathetic and care about expecting people and their families, consider taking our training and turn your passion into a profession. We give you the knowledge, tools, and resources to be the doula everyone wants at their birth. Our Doula Mentoring Program is also available and gives you access to experienced, successful doulas who can provide additional support as you begin or continue on your professional career.  

Get in touch with us today and let’s talk about how we can work together to empower expecting people and their families as they journey through pregnancy and birth. We are passionate about helping doulas help families, and we want to see your business succeed! 

Birth Beautifully’s next Birth Doula Training will be held October 15-16, in Cooperstown NY. Call or register here!   

Christine Herrera

Christine Herrera

Christine Herrera helps people become amazing birth professionals.