Are you reading to become a certified birth doula? We are passionate about training new doulas and helping them on their path to professional success! 

Birth Beautifully’s Certified Birth Doula training course is engaging, comprehensive, and sets you up for success as a doula and as a business owner. After completing the course, there are always additional things you can do to strengthen your skills and continue to gain experience as you support clients. 

Doula training tips

Read the coursebook. This seems obvious, but we really encourage you to read the coursebook at least once prior to the training, and then again after. It is full of information on all aspects of doula support, and can be a great resource as you continue to practice your skills. It is also helpful as you work on building your business, since our business guide section covers the basics. 

Rewatch the videos. Each module includes videos to help make the information easy to understand and engaging as you learn. Many of the videos also include hands-on demonstrations (for example: comfort measures) and tips on how to become the doula that everyone wants at their birth. As with the coursebook, using the videos for a refresh of information down the road is a definite advantage of our course. 

Network in your community. Networking in your community is a great way to build your business, find clients, and connect with other professionals. Here are a few ideas on how you might choose to network:

  • Partner with a chiropractor/exercise teacher/other professional to offer a discounted rate when they hire you both
  • Share office space with a complimentary birth worker and hold your prenatal client meetings there
  • Start a parenting group on social media or that meets regularly at a local community center, library, or park
  • Invite other professionals present information at your parenting group meetings, and be a guest speaker at any meetings you’re invited to participate in – this is free advertising!
  • If you choose to join or start an agency, get together regularly for business meetings and social gatherings
  • Create a referral list for your clients that includes professionals you trust, and work on a reciprocal agreement with them

  Read birth books. While we don’t have a required reading list to complete before certification, we highly recommend reading as many birth-related books as you can. Here are some of our favorites: 


Birth Beautifully is ready to help you on your way to being a successful doula! Contact us today for more information on our upcoming in-person training, our online training course, and other trainings we offer including our Doula Mentoring Program

Christine Herrera

Christine Herrera

Christine Herrera helps people become amazing birth professionals.