If you’ve recently decided to become a certified birth doula, you’re likely drowning in information and maybe uncertain about what organization to train through. We have great news for you: you’re in the right place! Birth Beautifully’s birth doula training is professional, comprehensive, evidence-based, up-to-date, and affordable! 

There are many ways our training will set you apart, including our extensive business component. Our thorough certification program teaches you not only how to support and educate your clients, but also how to create a thriving business. 

Finding a Birth Beautifully Training

In-person, between Syracuse and Albany. Birth Beautifully offers a few ways to complete our birth doula training. If you are “local” to central NY area, we have an in-person training scheduled for October 15-16, 2022 in Cooperstown, NY. This is a great option because gathering with other professionals and learning hands-on comfort measures and support techniques is wonderful if you’re just starting your doula journey. These two full days will feature extensive education and information on: 

  • The role of the doula
  • Birth knowledge 
  • Various types of support
  • Common medical procedures during pregnancy and labor
  • Challenging childbirth scenarios
  • Business basics

You’re also likely to start both professional relationships and friendships with other attendees. You might even connect with someone and decide to create an agency or partnership. 

In-person, in your city. If you aren’t able to attend our upcoming in-person training, consider having us come to you! Birth Beautifully doula trainers are ready to travel and hold a training in your city! This is for the same two-day in-person training as described above, in a location near you. This arrangement requires a confirmed minimum number of attendees. If you are interested in helping to coordinate bringing our training to your city, contact us. By helping to organize and promote a training you can receive a discount on your registration fee. 

Online, on your time. To make it possible for aspiring doulas to have access to the most professional doula support and business basics training out there, Birth Beautifully offers our full birth doula training online. Once registered you can complete the training in as little or as much time as your schedule allows. Included is our comprehensive course manual, video modules, a free 30-minute coaching call with one of our trainers, and our helpful tips and tricks newsletter. If at a later date you are able to travel to an in-person training, or one comes to your city, you can attend for a refresher for a small fee. 

Birth Beautifully started after its founder realized that so much was lacking in the birth world. She envisioned not only competent, compassionate care for women and their families, but also comprehensive trainings that would set the foundation for doulas to build their careers. Birth Beautifully believes you should be confident after your training and ready to support clients and to make your business succeed.   

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Christine Herrera

Christine Herrera

Christine Herrera helps people become amazing birth professionals.