What is World Doula Week?

World Doula Week or WDW is a yearly week-long dedication to the importance of doulas and how they benefit the physical and mental health of birthing people and families. This week is designed to celebrate doulas all over the world and spread awareness of doula practices and how valuable their expertise and methods are during pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period.


When Does World Doula Week Take Place?

March 22nd is the spring equinox and represents abundant fertility in many cultures, so what better time to bring awareness to doulas and all they do for the birthing process. Doula practices all over the world are invited to celebrate WDW during the days of March 22nd  through March 28th each year.


How Can I Celebrate WDW with my Doula Business?


1. Spread the Word on Socials

One of the easiest ways to celebrate WDW is by spreading the word on social media. There are many special WDW campaigns which your company’s account can join. For example, you can post one of the pre-made World Doula Week graphics that doulas all over the world will be using during this time or make your own post about what WDW means to you and your business. There are also a few WDW hashtags such as:

  • #Doulasfindaway
  • #worlddoulaweek
  • #WDW22

Adding a special frame to your business’s profile picture or creating a WDW cover photo on Facebook will ensure that all of your followers are aware of this special time. You can go live on Instagram and discuss WDW with your viewers, or have birthing people and families send in stories of how Doulas effected their birthing experience and share them on socials. There are so many ways to promote this wonderful time on various social media platforms!


2. Special Week Promotion

To engage prospective clients, consider offering a specials WDW promotion. Whether this is a discount on services, training, classes, or products is up to you. Be sure to make it clear that it is a week-long promotion specifically for WDW and share the promotion on socials to get the word out!


3. Product Giveaway

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Hosting a giveaway on social media is a great way to get clients to spread the word about WDW! Offer a free product or basket of products if clients follow your social accounts, share the post, and tag a friend! This is a super-fast way to get the word out and leaves one or more happy clients with free goodies!


4. Offer an Educational Webinar

Webinars are a wonderful way to involve an audience that’s bigger than just your local community. With webinars, you can educate people from all over the world on the practices and importance of doulas. 


5. Host a Community Presentation

Educating and enriching your community on a local level is also extremely important. You can offer presentations to schools and other businesses on WDW, spreading awareness of WDW within your city and creating bonds with members of your community. 


6. Organize a Family Reunion

A super fun event to organize during WDW is a client family reunion. You can invite all of your past clients and their families to gather and celebrate WDW together. The bond between client and doula is very strong, so this is a great way to check up on families that you’ve had an exceptional impact on and how they’re doing today. It also gives them the opportunity to connect with other new parents and relate to each other in a very special way.


Christine Herrera

Christine Herrera

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