Marketing is often a pain point for Doula business owners. Luckily, Flodesk will revolutionize your email marketing game, making it simple and easy to reap the benefits that a strong email marketing strategy has to offer.

How Does Email Marketing Help your Doula Business?

Deliver Personalized Content

Email marketing allows you to create personalized content based on the subscribers you choose to send it to. You can include your clients’ names in the email to make it more personal for them, and tailor the content of the email specifically to the people that will receive it. Unlike social media, you can create specific, personalized emails for previous clients, future clients, or returning clients, based on which subscribers you choose to send to. 

Cost-Effective Campaigns

Conducting an email marketing campaign is typically very cost effective. Unlike paid ads or print marketing, once you have the tools to create visually pleasing emails, like Flodesk, the rest is free!

Easy & Quick to Produce

Designing and sending emails, especially with a tool like Flodesk, is extremely quick and easy. You don’t need a marketing professional to manage your emails for you. You can also plan emails in advance and schedule them to send when you need them, so you can accommodate to your work schedule.

Generate Traffic to your Website

Email marketing is a great way to generate traffic to your doula business’s website. You can post a preview of your latest blog, advertise specials & discounts you’re offering, or provide them with valuable educational content that piques their interest in your business.

What is Flodesk?

Flodesk is an email marketing platform. It aids in the design and distribution of email content, and automatically tracks email analytics. It’s gained wild popularity since its launch for its intuitive navigation, clean and organized desktop, aesthetic design templates, and comprehensive tracking abilities.

Top 3 Advantages of using Flodesk for Email Marketing

1. Design Aesthetic Custom Emails in No Time

By far one of the biggest advantages to Flodesk is its email design capabilities. You can log your brand colors into the settings of your Flodesk account, allowing you to customize their stunning templates with your specific branding. All of their templates are completely customizable, and they offer over 100 fonts to choose from. Designing emails with Flodesk is also very intuitive, and easy to get used to as a beginner.

Delivering visually appealing emails makes your business appear extremely professional to viewers and increases your chance of grasping their attention.

2. Track Email Analytics Automatically

A huge part of any marketing strategy is tracking analytics. Viewing how an email performs allows you to change and improve your strategy moving forward. Thus, improving your ROI (return on investment).

3. Keep an Organized & Up to Date Subscriber List

There’s no point in sending carefully crafted content to users who aren’t going to open the email or engage with it. With Flodesk, you can view which subscribers are opening and engaging with your content, and which have unsubscribed or marked your emails as spam. You can also sort subscribers based on their activity, segment, or status.

Try Flodesk for Yourself!

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Christine Herrera

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