For Professionals

How much money do doulas make?

If you’ve thought this questions to yourself, you’re in the right place! You have the desire to support expecting families during labor and delivery. Learn how to make a sustainable income doing what you love- being a doula! Our birth doula training giving you the knowledge and tangible skills needed to be a successful birth doula in your local area.

How do I encapsulate a placenta?

Placenta encapsulation is growing in popularity and is an excellent service to offer to your local community. The most important aspect of processing a placenta is safety! When it comes to safety, we ensure that you learn and stay up-to-date up with the rigorous standards of health and safety. Want to be the best and most sought out placenta encapsulator in your city? Birth Beautifully trainings also include business details for you to start building your clientele.

How do I teach a childbirth education class?

If teaching childbirth classes to expecting families excites you, take a look at our childbirth educator course! Our training makes teaching a class as easy as one, two three.

  1. Sign up and start learning online, in the comfort of your own home. Hey, even in your jammies, we don’t judge!
  2. Purchase any class materials that you desire. Think of things that would make your class more fun (doll, model pelvis, etc.) We give you inexpensive ideas to offer tactile items to include in your class.
  3. Start teaching! Say what?! Yup, you heard me! Our training course gives you a full, editable childbirth education presentation. This presentation includes slides and optimal videos to show. Plus you also receive an educator course manual, to help you with key points to teach and class activities and handouts to give to your students. It couldn’t be any easier!

How do I grow my doula business?

Oh yeah, we get it. We’ve been there. Starting your doula business can be hard. How do I gain clients? How do I build a website? How long should I be at the birth? The list goes on and on. While your training helps prepare you to offer your services to clients, going your confidence takes time. Some doulas need a bit more guidance before they are ready to tackle births on their own, and that’s totally okay! That’s where we come in! Our doula mentorship program gives you one-to-one support from an experienced doula who can make your birth business boom!

What do I include in a birth doula contract?

Eek! Contracts can seem scary! But you want to protect your business, right? Our online doula shop has downloadable contracts for doulas, childbirth educators, postpartum doulas, and placenta encapsulation specialists. Our contracts have been reviewed by a lawyer, ensuring that proper categories have been included in each contract. We also sell handouts to give to your clients, childbirth class presentations, and more. Don’t pull your hair out trying to come up with this business stuff yourself! Save time by using our products!