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How do I get clients & make money doing this?

We’ve got you covered! We talk a lot about the business side of being a doula, from marketing yourself to building client relationships.

Can I still work my current job?

Yes! We discuss how to incorporate doula work into your current life, and how to find balance. 

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You’ll Learn…

Role of the Doula

✔ Overview of the history
✔ Significance of birth
✔ Communication
✔ The meaning of support
✔ Cultural sensitivity

Birth Knowledge

✔ Common discomforts
✔ Physical changes
✔ Emotional changes
✔ Hormones
✔ Warning signs
✔ Stages of labor
✔ Protocols
✔ Immediate postpartum
✔ Breastfeeding education


✔ Partner involvement
✔ Physical support
✔ Emotional support
✔ Informational support
✔ Advocacy

Medical Procedures

✔ Pain management
✔ Interventions
✔ ​Inductions

Challenging Childbirth

✔ Universal precautions
✔ Take charge routine
✔ Cesareans
✔ Emergency births
✔ Difficult or unexpected births

Business Basics

✔ Marketing
✔ Internal work
✔ Consultations
✔ Prenatal meetings
✔ Postpartum visit
✔ Back-up support
✔ Your doula bag

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