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They don't know how to market their classes.

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They don't have the money for all the different educator props.

We show you inexpensive tools to offer visual aids during your classes. Don’t feel you need to purchase ridiculously expensive props to get your point across, that’s not what we are all about!

When you become a Birth Beautifully childbirth educator, you’ll be able to confidently teach classes for clients and build a successful birth business.

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Online Childbirth Educator Course Contents

A Comprehensive Course Manual PLUS 

Handouts & Fun Activities 

Let’s be honest, we can’t remember everything! This course manual will serve as a guide when first starting out.

Childbirth Educator Course Manual

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Free Bonus Checklists

Fun additional handouts to give to your students to prepare for labor!

Fun Checklists
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Topics Covered

Prenatally Preparing

✔ Nutrition
✔ Common discomforts
✔ Birth setting
✔ Doula support

Learning About The Process

✔ Stages of labor
✔ Role of partner & doula

Labor & Birth

✔ Comfort measure techniques
✔ Positions for labor & birth
✔Interventions & informed consent

Once Baby Arrives

✔ Breastfeeding
✔ Newborn care
✔ Postpartum care
✔ Transition to parenthood
✔ Cloth diapering

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