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Doula Mentoring

Becoming an expert just got easier.

Whether you are a new doula or a seasoned doula, our mentoring program is designed to help improve your business skills to grow and sustain your doula business. Learn how to attract, gain, and retain your clients.

How the Program Works

We have broken down the mentoring program into sessions. Each 90 minute virtual session is outlined with a certain topic to facilitate into your business.

You may pick and choose which session(s) you feel you need, or register for all of them!




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Mentoring Sessions

Gaining Clients

Learn how to increase your doula inquiries, making connections, networking with other doulas and birth workers, interview preparedness, and closing the deal.



Discuss the importance of great forms and handouts, including contracts, record keeping, purchased handouts vs. creating your own, going paperless.


Website Development

Assist with creating your website or giving it a little “facelift.” We will discuss setting your fees, package creations, bios and profile pictures, blogging, adding your personal touch, and everyone’s favorite: SEO.


Social Media

Learn how to increase your exposure on social media sites such as: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and more. Discuss creating memes, logo design, and branding your business.



Gain the knowledge of how to respond to common but difficult emails, come up with workshop and event ideas, how to create newsletters, blog ideas, and community expos.


Birth Preparedness

Build your doula bag and brush up on your labor support skills, including role playing with special labor scenarios. Master practicing with professionalism and building your confidence.


Structured Prenatal Meetings

Attain ideas on what to cover during your prenatal meetings. Discuss how to go through all the options families have for their birth and create a birth plan from there.


Postpartum Importance

Suggestions on what to cover at a postpartum visit. We will cover birth processing both for you and your client, mother/infant evaluations, PPD, basic breastfeeding skills, resources for clients, and staying in contact with your clients.


Doula Self-Care

Learn how to set boundaries, including scheduling and designated time off, how to prepare for multiple births per month, and the importance of great back-up support. Improve your work efficiency, “Work smarter, not harder.”


Internal Affairs

Questions regarding taxes? Business plan development? Let’s discuss how record keep, whether to stay solo, create a partnership, or join an agency or doula co-op. We will also chat about creating a separate office space in your home and renting office space.



Virtually attend one of our consultations, prenatal or postpartum visits, or live childbirth classes to observe how our experts present the information to our clients.



Have a zillion business questions running through your head? No problem! Let’s address them. This session is open to anything you wish to talk about, from creating marketing materials, and PowerPoint presentations, to adding complimentary services to your business and more! You name it, we can discuss it!



Get mentoring when, where, and how you need it

Interact with your local community, learn about your potential clients, and get the word out about your business.

Packages & Bundles

Pick Any Single Session


Whether you are a new doula or a seasoned doula, our program  is designed to help improve your business skills to grow and sustain your doula business. Learn how to attract, gain, and retain your clients.

Pick Any 5 Sessions


Collaborating with your mentor to establish your professional goals. This is a unique opportunity to learn directly from one of our doula experts.

Choose All Sessions


Completing our mentorship program might be the closest you’ll ever get to making a business decision that has exclusively positive impact.

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