One of the most important steps for new parents as they prepare for the birth of their child is childbirth education. In the past, many hospitals offered childbirth classes, but these were generally geared toward information relating to the hospital, routines used during labor, and minimal discussion of newborn care. 

Today’s parents want more – more on what they can do to stay healthy during pregnancy, more on how labor unfolds and comfort measures to use during the process, more on what the first weeks and months of breastfeeding and parenting really entail. This is where Birth Beautifully’s Childbirth Educator training and certification comes in. 

Birth Beautifully’s Childbirth Educator training program is fresh, comprehensive, evidence-based, and sets you up to succeed. We include information on: 

  • prenatal nutrition
  • common discomforts
  • selecting a birth location
  • the value of doula support
  • stages of labor
  • the role of the partner and doula
  • comfort measures for labor
  • positions for labor and birth
  • interventions and informed consent
  • breastfeeding basics
  • newborn care
  • postpartum care 
  • cloth diapering
  • the transition to parenthood
  • the business side of childbirth education
  • cross-marketing other services such as birth doula support
  • and MORE!

Birth Beautifully’s CBE training and certification is a great first step into birthwork. You will learn foundational information that you will also use as a doula, postpartum doula, and more, should you choose to certify through those programs too. If childbirth education is where your sole interest lies, our program will give you the knowledge and confidence to be the teacher everyone wants to learn from. 

Being a childbirth educator is also a great first step into birthwork because it is scheduled and doesn’t require being on call. There are so many options on how to teach your classes, depending on your own circumstances and schedule: group classes, weekend classes, private classes, and so on. 

I Don’t Have Time to Write My Own Curriculum

Once you’re trained and certified, you’ll be ready to start teaching right away – as long as you have a curriculum to use. You can spend months creating your own, but we’ve made it much easier than that. Birth Beautifully’s program includes a customizable presentation, educator notes, and handouts for your students. We’ve done the research, the writing, and the organizing – now you do the teaching! Another advantage to our program is that once you’re certified, you’re certified. There are no additional fees or recertification requirements after a certain number of years.  

Ready to Be THE Expert in Your Community

Contact Birth Beautifully to get started in our Childbirth Educator training program today! Online access is easy and you can go at your own pace. As a bonus we also include free checklists you can give to your students, as well as a newsletter only for Birth Beautifully certified childbirth educators.

Come see us at and get started today! 




Christine Herrera

Christine Herrera

Christine Herrera helps people become amazing birth professionals.