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Frequently Asked

Why train with Birth Beautifully?

Make your investment pay for itself sooner with the skills and knowledge that will help you hit the ground running.

What additional fees are there?

You may need to purchase a few books to read and expand your knowledge in your new field of study. Beyond that, just whatever supplies you need to work (i.e. encapsulation, class, or doula bag supplies, depending on which course you are taking)

Do I need to be certified?

Currently there are no state licensing for placenta encapsulation specialists, birth doulas, or childbirth educators. However, some state agencies and insurance companies that cover these services are starting to implement policies that require certification.

Being certified shows your commitment and you should wear your title with pride.

What's the difference between doula organizations?

There are numerous doula organizations out there, DONA, CAPPA, ICEA, ProDoula, Birth Boot Camo, toLabor, and many, many more. The cost is a big factor; find out how much the actual training is, what is the couls to certify, membership fees, and so on. Also look up if you need to recertify with them and if so, how often and what is required? Beyond that, the organziation itself should align with your own personal philosophy.

At Birth Beautifully, we do not require you to recertify, nor do we charge membership fees. Once you are certified, you are certified for life!

How can I find work in my related field?

Part of each of our trainings is teaching you the business side of things. We discuss how to get your business up and running. Beyond that, we also offer one-on-one business coaching with one of our doula mentors.

Who We Train

Become a placenta specialist

Placenta Specialists

Our best practices and methods will set you up to offer encapsulation in your community.

Become a birth doula

Birth Doulas

Ambition can’t wait. Getting started is the easiest thing you’ll do today.

Become a childbirth educator

Childbirth Educators

Don’t stress out creating a class on your own. We provide a fully customizable presentation & educator notes.

Expecting Family Services

Placenta Encapsulation Syracuse

Placenta Encapsulation

Help have a smoother postpartum recovery with the help of your placenta!

Online Pregnancy Classes

Online Prenatal Classes

Learn how to prepare for your labor & birth from the comofrt of your own home.

New Mother Classes Online

Online Postpartum Classes

Preparing for birth is the first step, learning how to care for your baby & have a smooth postpartum transition is the next.

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