Congratulations! You’ve completed your birth doula training and are a certified birth doula! Time to get out there and starting taking clients.

You’re ready, right? 

Something common among many new doulas is that they question their abilities. Years ago, doulas were told they must take on a certain number of clients for free to “gain experience.” Doulas were told they must shadow seasoned doulas to “really” learn what the work entails. Thanks to Birth Beautifully’s thorough, professional, extensive training, this is no longer the case. So if you’re feeling any hesitancy in starting this work, we want to help you. 

Birth Beautifully’s Doula Mentoring Program was born from this need. We see new doulas who, despite being fully trained, would feel more confident if they could work alongside a seasoned doula, or even just have one to talk with. We love helping doulas grow sustainable, successful businesses, and we want to help your confidence soar. 

The program

Birth Beautifully’s Doula Mentoring Program includes the following 12 options: 

  • Gaining Clients
  • Documentation
  • Website Development
  • Social Media 
  • Brainstorming
  • Birth Preparedness
  • Structured Prenatal Meetings
  • Postpartum Importance
  • Doula Self-Care 
  • Internal Affairs
  • Observation
  • Open-Ended 

You can choose one, five, or all the sessions! Each 90-minute session goes in-depth on its topic, giving you additional confidence to implement tools into your business and support. Some doulas may find they’re rock solid on gaining clients but want a little extra support in how to document and organize their business files. Other doulas may feel completely prepared to provide birth support, but want to brush up on social media marketing tools. As you can see, Birth Beautifully makes it easy to identify the places you want to improve and work on them specifically with mentors who have been where you are. Thanks to our comprehensive program, you are ready to jump right in and start taking clients, start teaching them, and start supporting them during labor and birth. 

Not just for new doulas

Our program is not only for new doulas, we are here for seasoned doulas too! Between ever-changing technology, moving to digital filing, new baby gear, and evidence-based support data, there’s always something new to learn. Like Birth Beautifully mentors, you have the strong foundation of years of supporting families – let us help you continue building your business by staying up-to-date and fresh. 

For detailed descriptions of each session, to start the Birth Beautifully Doula Mentoring Program, or for any other questions, go to We’ll meet you where you are and help you continue to succeed!  

Christine Herrera

Christine Herrera

Christine Herrera helps people become amazing birth professionals.