The pandemic brought about change in all facets of life, transforming how most people do business and go about their day-to-day. For doulas, support for clients has shifted from in-person care to adapting to providing virtual care. Even with the pandemic slowly starting to ease up on restrictions, virtual doula service still remains a popular option for many families. 

Clients can benefit from virtual doula care that centers around convenience through support through phones, tablets, or computers without ever needing to leave the comfort of their home. Supporting clients virtually is meeting clients through various digital platforms customized to fit their needs and preferences. Here are a few ways that you can support your clients virtually.

Emotional Support – Being available for your clients 24/7 is essential for building trust and a strong relationship that makes for a more effective birthing experience. You’ll take phone calls and texts and offer the occasional video call when your client needs support as they work through the challenges and fears that people often experience during their pregnancy. 

During labor and delivery, you can be there for your client as emotional support through any video conference platform. Whether it’s through facetime or zoom on a tablet, you can help reassure and give guidance during labor and delivery without being physically there.

Prenatal Planning – Prenatal planning is one of the most vital services doulas can provide clients and are easily transitioned virtually. You can set up regular video meetings with your clients to help provide information and answer questions about the experience. It’s during these stages you work with your client to go over birthing options, where they want to give birth, and the protocols in place. 

Pain Management Techniques and Classes – You can offer classes or special sessions with your clients and their partners to go over the pain that comes with labor and delivery and how to manage those discomforts effectively. From massage, breathing techniques, and different positions to position themselves during childbirth.

With some hospitals restricting the number of visitors, it’s likely your clients won’t get the pleasure of bringing their doula along. You can help guide their partners on how to comfort and soothe in your place. You can teach them affirmations to use, visualization techniques, how to apply specific counter pressures, and more to give them the tools they need to support their birthing partner.

The pandemic is over, so now what? 

COVID taught us that we can absolutely give great support virtually. And even though the pandemic is finally over, many families still have a lot of anxiety around COVID and illness in general. For these families, virtual soula support is a wonderful option! 

A Unique Option for An Affordable Price

If you decide to add virtual support as an alternative to your traditional in person package, consider your pricing. While you are still on-call for a virtual client, you are able to offer support from the comfort of your own home. No travel, parking, or babysitter fees. You may want to consider reducing the cost of this service to reflect that. By doing so you may also attract families who would like to have a doula, however cannot afford your traditional in person rate. 

A doula provides essential services during pregnancy, labor, and post-partum. Doulas provide people with tools, resources, techniques, knowledge, and compassion to help families feel at ease during birth. Supporting your clients virtually can help your clients receive the support they need when in person isn’t always an option.

Birth Beautifully Doula Mentoring can help you improve your skills as a doula and help you prepare for caring for your clients in a compassionate and meaningful way. Contact us here for more information. 

Christine Herrera

Christine Herrera

Christine Herrera helps people become amazing birth professionals.