Which one do you need: newborn night nanny, baby nurse, or postpartum doula? What’s the difference between each? Find out what each is and how I can help you get the best sleep possible.

A professional postpartum doula is specifically trained in supporting families during the postpartum time up to one year after delivery. They offer emotional support, physical support and educational support to your entire family. A postpartum doula doesn’t just focus on the baby; birthing person, partner, and siblings are all supported with the goal on helping you and family adjust to the new family member.

A newborn night nanny (also known as “baby nanny,” or “night nannies”) primary role is to take care of the baby(s). Currently though, there is no credential or training necessary to use these titles.

Lastly, a baby nurse is there solely to take care of the baby only. It should be noted that a baby nurse should be up to date with their current nursing license.

So how can a postpartum doula help give your family adequate sleep? Most offer both daytime and overnight postpartum support. This includes:

  • Evidence based information. Your postpartum doula can help you filter through all the advice, tips, and tricks others may have given to you.
  • Essential baby care needs. They can help parents learn to care for their baby with confidence. This includes assisting with what’s considered “normal,” soothing techniques, feeding, bathing, and yes: SLEEP!
  • Overnight care. To help parents get adequate sleep, many postpartum doulas offer overnight care so that parents feel well rested during the day. If breast/chest-feeding, baby can be brought in to nurse and then brought back to the nursery with the postpartum doula to soothe back to sleep with very little interruption to your sleep.
  • Household help. Light housework (even during the night) can help ease a family’s transition. Simply errands can also be run during my shift.
  • Emotional support. Adding a new member into your family is life changing and it can be overwhelming at times. Having someone there to talk to without judgment, can make a huge difference.
  • Community referrals. If you are need of additional care such as lactation consultant, or psychologist for example, your postpartum doula can refer you to well-known and respected professionals in your community.


We can certainly help connect you with support if you are looking for a night nanny, baby nurse, or postpartum doula. We are passionate about supporting families in the Syracuse area to help your family rest and enjoy your new family member! We have an amazing group of doulas to connect you with in the central New York area, the CNY Doula Connection!


Christine Herrera

Christine Herrera

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