Postpartum Doula Contract


Postpartum Contract for anyone who offers in-home postpartum care.

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When you agree to perform services for a client, you are entering into a legal contract, you promise to do the work, and the client promises to pay you for it. Many small businesses rely on handshake agreements with their clients. But if something goes awry with the deal, you may have trouble enforcing the agreement. To protect yourself, get the agreement in writing.

Birth Beautifully’s Postpartum Doula Care Contract helps protect your business by clearly defining what services you will provide to your clients and their responsibilities to you. This helps manage your clients’ expectations and avoid misunderstandings.

This contract should be tailored to each party’s specific needs, as the law may be different in each legal jurisdiction and may be interpreted or applied differently depending on your location or circumstance, the information in or use of this contract is not a substitute for the advice of a lawyer.

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Christine Herrera

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