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Placenta Encapsulation

Have you thought about consuming your placenta? Maybe that sounds a bit strange, but also intriguing…

Here at Birth Beautifully, we make clients feel amazing during their postpartum period with the help from their very own placenta. Does the thought of looking at your placenta gross you out? No problem! You never have to look at it if you don’t want. Instead, we do all the work and you get it back in pill form, just like taking your daily vitamins.

Many may ask, why consume your placenta after birth? Great question! Taking your placenta pills may increase your breastmilk supply, help your uterus shrink down quicker, lessen your postpartum bleeding, and lessen the chances of the baby blues and postpartum depression. Still not sure? Your placenta also has the amazing stem cells in it. Organizations and companies are now trying to have birthing people donate their placentas after birth, so that they can use these awesome stem cells. So why give it away, when you can benefit from it yourself?

If you are still unsure about encapsulating, maybe you’re toying with the idea but not quite ready to commit, here’s our advice:

Take any necessary steps ahead of time to have your place of birth release your placenta to you (so hospitals require a blood test to ensure that you are free of STDs). Once in labor, bring a small cooler and two gallon size ziplock bags with you to your labor and delivery room. Ask your nurse to place your placenta in the bags and place in the cooler with ice. Once at home, freeze your placenta. If you ever decide later on (even six months or greater) that you would like to encapsulate, you still can! Otherwise your placenta will be discarded as medical waste or donated, sometimes for profit!

Online Childbirth Classes

If you are expecting a baby, take a good childbirth education is the first step to learning all about the birth process. When you understand what normal birth looks like, any worry or fears will dissipate. Our classes will teach you about the stages of labor, what interventions may be presented and why, and what pain medications are available. You will also gain the knowledge of how to cope through labor with movement and positions that can help facilitate and easier delivery.

But we don’t just end there, we want to make sure that you are set up for success once baby arrives. We always plan for the birth, yet many do not think about what life will be like once you are home from the hospital. We want to make that transition s smooth as possible! Classes on breast-feeding and newborn sleep are two of many postpartum classes available. If you haven’t thought much about how your family dynamics may change in the postpartum period, we encourage you to consider adding these classes to your to-do list now, before baby arrives.

Our classes are completely online, meaning they are self-paced and easy to follow. You simply purchase your classes and start watching the videos, all from the comfort of your own home!