Create the Birth You Imagine While Being Prepared for the Unexpected. 

Educated Childbirth

This full childbirth class will prepare you for normal physiologic birth, to all of the unique paths your labor may take and how to cope through it all.

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The topics discussed are:

  • Nutrition
  • Stages of Labor
  • Positions for Labor
  • Role of Partner & Doula
  • Interventions & Informed Consent
  • Breastfeeding 
  • Immediate Newborn Care
  • Transition to Parenthood
  • Cloth Diapering

Homebirth Preparation

You’ve made the decision to birth at home, now prepare so yourself so that you have a fabulous experience.

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We’ll cover:

  • The normal process of birth
  • Homebirth supplies
  • Preparing your home
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Partner involvement
  • Variations of birth
  • Hospital transfers


Pain Relief in Labor

Learn a wide range of comfort techniques to cope and manage the intensity of labor, including medical pain management options as well.

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We’ll cover:

  • Optimal fetal positioning
  • Comfort measures
  • Breathing exercises
  • Rebozo
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Mentally preparing for labor
  • Medical pain management options

Pregnancy Health

Pregnancy brings on changes, both physically and emotionally. Learn how to have a healthier pregnancy.

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We’ll cover:

  • Exercise and nutrition for a healthy pregnancy
  • Common discomforts
  • Prevent complications

Planning Your Cesarean

Cesarean is certainly still a birth, and many people don’t realize that you still have many options for your birth.


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We’ll cover:

  • Options for a family-centered birth
  • Coping skills for before, during, and after your surgery

Labor Induction Explained

Whether it’s medically necessary or elective, it’s important to be educated in order to make informed decisions.

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We’ll cover:

  • Induction methods
  • Risks and benefits
  • Informed consent

Optimal Fetal Positioning

Learn the benefits and how to position your baby well prior to labor.

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We’ll cover:

  • Body alignment
  • Helpful poses
  • Exercises to include into your daily routine


Online is perfect for expecting families

Birthing people who are on bed rest, or couples with time or scheduling conflicts can all benefit from our online classes.


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Lower Costs

Our online classes are inexpensive.

Pacing Options

Take a class all at once or over multiple days.

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Learn from anywhere including the comfort of your own home.



You will be able to work wherever there is access to the internet. The training is broken down into modules, each with videos and presentations. It is designed to feel like you are having a one-on-one conversation with us, verses a stuffy lecture.

One Year Access

Once you register and pay for the class, you will have access for a year, beginning from the date of your initial use. You can pace yourself over multiple days,  or watch in its entirety. You can even repeat modules if you desire.


Resources & Support

Printable resources are included in each of our classes for you to reference later. Our course book “Educated Childbirth,” is available  to be shipped as a hard copy. You can purchase it here. We also are available to answer any questions regarding the topics discussed via email after you complete the class.


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